BLOOD SIMPLE dry gin, lemon, blood orange, mace

REANIMATOR  turmeric gin, citrus, gentian, orange

YAKUZA DEATHTRIP  pineapple rum, lime sherbet, pear, yuzu, raspberry

EL MUERTO VERDE  aged tequila, pineapple, aloe vera, jalapeno

SATURN dry gin, passion fruit, toasted almond, falernum

LOVE BOMB clementine scotch, apricot, pineapple cordial, absinthe

WEST INDIES PUNCH  batavia arrack, earl grey, lime sherbet, seasonal fruit

ENDOR SWIZZLE  gin, spiced pear, pecan, lime sherbet, herbsaint                                                         

SUDDEN FALL  apple brandy, citrus, orgeat, sherry, nutmeg

BIG BUSINESS  rye whiskey, lemon, stout syrup, bitters

TORONTO rye whiskey, demerara, fernet branca, angostura

SHADOW BANDIT aged tequila, bonal, amari, mezcal

DEAD GUY SPECIAL lots of rum, espresso demerara, chocolate mole bitters, cherry

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